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Aluminium sheet

"Facades of Ukraine" invites aluminum sheet 1.5 and 2 mm for facing facade production plant PMS METAL ALUMINIUM SANAYI TIC (Turkey).

For more information on the aluminium sheet, you can obtain by visiting the site ofitsalnogo representative of the factory in Kiev - Companies Anfas -

The use of sheet aluminum in the construction due to its well-known advantages. Among the main characteristics of aluminum sheet can be described as durability, no flammability, increased resistance to the effects of rainfall, ultra-violet radiation, aggressive media, softness, combined with advantageous strength, resistance to mechanical impact, environmental security Aesthetic and functional. In addition, facing aluminium products differ manufacturability - simplicity, ease of installation and reliability.

Facade aluminium sheets covered with paint on the basis of PVDF (polivinildenftorid), which are characterized by persistence and the persistence of color saturation degree. PVDF coating increases the durability of material, as well as resistance to any type of precipitation, and used typically for painting aluminum and other facade materials. The warranty period use of aluminum sheet and facade elements of this material for hinged ventilated facades of at least 25 years.

Persistence and color saturation for a long time - the main objective of the producer. Therefore, to cover the facade of aluminum sheets used a special system of filing permanent ink.

In doing so, aluminium sheets of ordinary flowers are covered in two layers, and metal - in four, after heat treatment at a paint sprayed protective lacquer to protect against UV light. This system provides not only resistant color, but also shine.

  Aluminum sheets of metal flowers shall be mounted, given the direction of causing paint, which indicated on the reverse side.

Highly reflective properties of aluminum surfaces contributes to maintaining comfortable conditions in solar heating.

And although some of these characteristics peculiar aluminium composite panels, specialists will lead the following arguments in favour polnotelyh aluminium sheets in constructions hinged ventilated facades.

Technical specifications of aluminum sheet:

  kg / m ²
  CN cm ² / m

Linear elongation: coefficient of elongation 0024 mm / m / º C;

  Flexibility: elasticity module - 70 MPa;

  The thickness of cover: the outer side - 25 microns (metallic colors - 40 microns); inner side - 3 microns.

  The high corrosion resistance
The speed of corrosion coatings wear zinc in the urban atmosphere (Kiev, Moscow) is 3-5 microns per year, while the corrosion rate of aluminium in these same conditions has order 0,3-0,6 microns per year. The service life of the facade of an aluminium sheet, protected powder coating, comparable to the life of the office tower, and is about 50 years.


By European standards polnotely aluminium sheet classification is A1. That is, he does not burn and does not support combustion.

  The wide temperature range of work from -500 C to +400 C.
Composite materials type bond at elevated temperatures because of varying heat external and domestic sectors prone to warping. The fragility, with low temperatures - the scourge of industrial steels. Aluminium denied that shortcoming.


Aluminum sheets are not exposed to temperature and relative humidity (facing stone and ceramics, despite the protection of special paints, have pores, which gets its water and frost could lead to cracking material and the fallout tiles).

  Light Heavyweight

The facade of aluminum by weight is comparable with the facades of lighter composite materials and ceramic granite and natural stone, which reduces the requirements for elements of fasteners and parts of the system carrying the load on the building design, which is particularly important in the reconstruction of old buildings that are "loose" structure of walls.

  The high manufacturability while processing

At manufacturing products Frontage complex form bending, can be carried out at angles up to 180 degrees. In doing so, in composite materials for the bending runs one of milling metal layers and filling, calf to another layer of metal, which reduces the strength and rigidity of products. Painted aluminum can recycled without loss of quality.

  The possibility of using large facade elements

Ceramic granite and Fibre produced by color - parties - with standard size tiles hand, (for keramogranita, usually not more than 60 cm), while aluminium panels could be performed by single copies and scaled one of the parties until 3 p.m.

  Retsiklichnost aluminium

Recycling served a term aluminum facade is a profitable business. In doing so, there is a homogeneous krupnokuskovoy scrap, which is fully and with low costs of training can be used for the production of the same materials for construction. Return of investment to 35%.

  In connection with the flammability of composites and taking into account that bend with composite materials vyfrezerovyvaetsya heart, and remains the only one of the aluminum plates maximum of 0.5 mm thick, specialists do not recommend the use of aluminium composite panel hinged ventilated facades above 20 meters. While polnotely aluminum sheet has no such restrictions.

The advantages of aluminum sheet

Easy to work. Thanks to the broadest possible technological processing, this material can be used in the manufacture of the whole (not from individual parts, namely monolithic) product of complex forms. One of the important characteristics of the material - and ease the possibility of giving radiusnyh forms (rolling). You can give radiusnuyu sheet or elliptical shape that will allow you to use such detail as part of the surface lining of the complex, such as columns.
Due to the large size and rigidity of aluminum sheets, you can make one large hinged cassettes for facades and provide installation in minimum time.

Cost of operation. In order for the material and long served as a decorative element, it must follow. Typically, a device used for washing with water under pressure. Precluded the use of organic solvents and acids.

  The use of aluminum sheet in construction

Facing facades and roofs of new and old buildings, private construction, commercial construction sites, office centers, office buildings, car, filling stations, technical facilities, etc. This material is used, if needed, additional insulation against noise, for example in hospitals, airports, residential buildings, located near highways, etc.

  The advantage of using polnotelogo aluminum in the construction hinged ventilated facade

The most universal and technological facade tapes are of an aluminium sheet. They protect the building from outside influences the environment. Minor reaction to the effects of acid, oil, gas, allows the use of such systems when facing sites "harmful" production, such as gas stations. An important function hinged facade is the formation of the ventilated area, which plays a crucial role in the system functions insulating buildings. Ventilation prevents the entire carrier from external temperature fluctuations during the day and devotes water vapour and gases allocated teploizolyatorov majority of mineral wool.