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Aluminium composite panel (AKP)

As a facade material for the manufacture of cassettes company Facades Ukraine uses aluminium composite panels (AKP).

Aluminium composite panel
Composite panels - a complex multilayered material that represents a "sandwich" of two layers of thin sheet aluminum and polymer filling between them.

The material was developed specifically for facing a variety of building structures and facades of buildings, as well as for border roofs. Manufacturability processing allows for the cutting, flexion, milling, drilling, even with hand machines on wood and aluminium. The surface panels ideal for printing and silk screen printing method of causing applications from self vinyl films. The rich range of colors: silver, gold, red, yellow, blue, green, white, brown, black, different shades of "under the marble" - a total of more than 30 colors. Fields of application: the reconstruction of old buildings lining the walls, construction of billboards and advertisements indexes, lining cars and buses and more. The service life of aluminum composite panels - up to 50 years.

Properties and advantages of aluminum panels

The isolation and protection:

of sound: the use of aluminum composite panels - is extra sound insulation for your walls. For example, soundproofing walls of light concrete increased twice;
from moisture: the system overhang facade designed such that all falling onto the surface of the façade of the moisture is removed in the drainage is precluded its contact with the insulation and walls. Air space over the facade tiles provides a method of diversion of natural ventilation vapors that prevents condensation on the surface and inside the building, as well as otsyrevanie and rot walls and thermal insulation material;
of electromagnetic radiation: AKP ensures effective protection of buildings from external electromagnetic fields, significantly weakening their impact;
the vibrations: composite material able to undercut the vibrations (due to lack of resonance). AKP absorption factor at approximately 6 times higher than that of aluminium sheets;
from fires: composite panel with a special filler does not support combustion and can be used even on the territory of gas stations.
The durability and sustainability:

High-quality special coating composite panels will allow you to be sure that for many years and through hinged facade vygorit not in the sun, will not change color under the influence of rainfall.
In doing so, the AKP easily cleaned from the dust settled on it and aggressive raids normal water. I get the opportunity to exploit the facility without cosmetic repairs, not to spend serious money and time updating his appearance.
The ease and beauty:

Composite Panel by an average of 50 - 70% lighter materials similar purposes (to 1.6 times better than aluminium sheet, to 3.4 times lighter than steel sheet, and 2.1 times easier than Fibre). This factor significantly reduce the load on the load-bearing walls, fixing elements podoblitsovochnoy system, reduce its total weight.
Another advantage of composite materials - is limitless choice of color. Submissions may be almost any color of the color scale RAL, may even develop your individual corporate colours!
In doing so, the AKP is well reflected sunlight, which gives it a magnificent appearance. That is why hanging facades of aluminium composite panels like all: the owner of the building their practicality, architects and designers wealth of options, a simple passerby modern guise, transformed those cities. 

The structure of the panel:

1. The lower layer of lacquer to prevent corrosion
2. Film, protecting from corrosion
3. Protects against corrosion, high plate of aluminum alloy
4. Plastic pivotal plate, protecting from fire (non-toxic)
5. Protects against corrosion high plate of aluminum alloy
6. The lower layer of paint cover PVDF
7. Superficial layer of paint cover PVDF
8. Excellent layer of paint cover PVDF
9. Pressure film

Aluminium composite panels are made in the form of continuous tape, which allows the panel to produce the desired length. Depending on the wishes of the customer width and length may be different (width of 1500 mm to 5700 mm length). For any building it is important to his appearance. What will be the "face" of your building, you decide if you participate in the design of facades. What are the requirements to make professional facade and facing facade materials? How to choose a material that conforms to your needs? Try to answer these questions by the example of aluminum composite panels.

Aluminium composite material - a kind of "sandwich", consisting of two aluminium sheets with plastic or mineral space. The total thickness of a sheet - from 2 to 6 mm in width - up to 1600 mm in length - up to 6000 mm, there are also non-standard size panels. Chemical-mechanical connection material attaches high homogeneity. A special coating protects against corrosion, acidic environment and abrasions.

Aluminium composite panels have been established in the mid XX century and began produced in Germany, but these materials have become actively apply only to 70 - ies. Today they are produced in Europe, U.S., Asian countries. Nowadays it is one of the most popular facing materials worldwide. Today worldwide aluminium composite panel actively replacing such well-known builders materials such as ceramic, natural stone, cement and fibrous slabs, steel and aluminum sheets.

The use of ACTs in architecture and construction significantly enhances the designers and planners. At the same time, lightweight, hard and totally flat sheet AKP can take on various architectural forms. Liners from absorbing vibration and noise (26 dB), as well as electromagnetic radiation (80DB).
AKP painted UV-resistant on the basis of PVDF (polivinildenftorid). Painted aluminum surface thus do not lose their color, luster and are resistant to destruction for a long time. Guarantee the material up to 30 years.
PTC is used to facing facades of buildings, columns, tunnels, filling stations, for the manufacture of eaves, walls and other elements of interior, to create outdoor advertising.


By the AKP apply the following methods: sawing, milling, drilling, flexion, cutting, stamping.

Normally used method of sawing saw solid alloy, for example, a circular saw for cutting sheets, band saw, hand saw.
For circular saws:
linear speed cutting edge 5000 m / min;
Filing a maximum 25 - 30 m / min.

Material well to work on milling machines, manual milling and processing of other ways milling.
Linear speed cutting edge 5000 m / min;
supply of 2.1 m / min.

The minimum bend radius - 15 thickness (no cut). To avoid damage visible surface during processing protect podkladyvaniem polyethylene or plastic strips 1-2 mm thick.

AKP drills all conventional metal spiral drill designed for aluminium, for conventional drilling machines for metal.

ACTs with 0,4-0,5 mm thick aluminum is for use outdoors and is used mainly in the construction industry. ACTs with 0,21-0,3 mm thick aluminum designed for use indoors. However, subject to a reduced warranty period, it can be used outdoors, for example, to create outdoor advertising structures.

ACTs in architecture: designers are increasingly using composite panels in the modern construction and interior design, and expanding the scope: - ventilated facades - combined facades (glass-composite) - design showcases and shops - finishing airports, train stations, shopping pavilions -- Details of columns, canopies - cornices, friezes, suspended ceilings - lining balconies, parapets - door panels, bulkheads, including Sliding - interior architecture (Dignity composite panels are very evident in the manufacture of precision-scale and hard elements).

ACTs in avtoindustrii: Composite panels have found wide application in a complex finish filling stations (WSA), car, car. When creating avtokompleksov crucial creating appealing appearance, exclusive corporate identity, the use of modern technology. Integrated design involves the design, external and internal finishing buildings, including the establishment of such necessary elements as roadside signs Stellite, price boards, traffic signs, as well as external advertising design. The use of composite panels helps to successfully tackle these problems and find a stylistic and color decision taking into account the high operating pressures.

Handling the surface
  ACTs are processed using standard mechanized operations - sawing, milling, cutting, punching, bending, rolling, drilling, etc. Fixing the connection and composite materials is carried out by any fasteners (samorezami, rivets, etc.) as well as methods fenovoy welding and bonding (lapped). To avoid electrochemical corrosion, fastening products should be applied only from aluminum or stainless steel. The greater part of the AKP processing operations can be performed on site, which facilitates the adaptation of parts and components and their connections, reduces the cost of transport and packaging. PTC allows for different types of modern subsystems that expands opportunities and facilitate the design installation.