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Materials used for our company hinged ventilated facades able to determine the architectural style of buildings and regulate the physical processes inside the facade to meet modern requirements for strength, stability, durability, fire resistance, heat, noise insulation and other indicators.

Materials used for construction hinged ventilated facades: aluminium composite panel (AKP), aluminum monolist, siding (aluminum siding), ceramic granite (China), fibrotsementnaya cooker, and metal deck. The entire spectrum of modern materials used for hinged ventilated facades, of course, not limited exclusively keramogranitom and composite materials. However, the use of various combinations keramogranita traditionally attached grim facades solidity and respectability. A wide range of metallic hues alyukobond type of composite materials (alucobond) in combination with stained glass facade enables you to display in the style of high-tech space age. Old-good fibreboard and asbotsementnye panel has rejoiced us original colors and simplicity of the old model insulation of buildings, allowing them to give a unique look.