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Structural facades glazing

Facade is a face of  building. The facade is an outer side of a building. This is the first, on what we pay attention in registration of architectural shape of buildings.
Today the full complex of front works is offered. In particular , it is the facades glazing.  Facades  glazing makes a building more attractive and more effective.

Facades glazing allows to realise the most courageous design ideas. Facades glazing  is carried out in residential buildings, in industrial, and in shopping centres. Aluminium systems and the safe tempered glass are used during the facades glazing . Aluminium systems are applied in manufacturing of vertical and inclined stained-glass windows to one-storeyed buildings and high-rise constructions. Glass not only gives the chance to create a unique facade, but also to make a building original. Modern technologies give both to glass and to facades  a number of additional functions: energy  savings, protection, and even - self-cleaning! Designs for facades glazing  keep heat in a building, protect it from frosts. During the facades glazing the  heat conductivity reduction is possible thanks to special systems of profiles. Systems of sealants and double-glazed windows which are necessary for heat preservation are used in addition . It prevents the moisture formations on a design.
Modern technologies  give unlimited possibilities on a choice of facades glazing style . The sated colour palette, combination of various colours of a profile give the chance to create the most different architectural decisions on  facades glazing. Building technologies constantly develop. They have reached maintenance of qualitative performance of works on facades glazingin in the shortest terms.

The customer makes an application to the building company ,which carries out designing of designs for  facades glazing.
Such materials as aluminium, a steel, polycarbonate, plastic are used in designs of glass facades. Competently prepared experts can realise the most difficult projects.
Aluminium-is the most often used material during buildings  facades glazing .
The big advantage of aluminium profiles is that they do not demand careful using. Facades glazing  occurs to the help of transparent glasses, triplex, polycarbonate.  These materials differ in the reliability in operation, pass necessary quantity of light beams, are steady against negative influence of the weather phenomena. Facades glazing, which make impression of a glass wall, is called as "structural".
Unlike traditional rigelno-rack-mount structural glazing  allows to create sensation of ease and integrity of buildings.
It is reached at the expense of profiles absence on an external part of a façades . Glass and the filled seams in width to 20 mm are only  visible.
Seams can be one colour with glass. Besides, installation of the latent shutters strengthens impression of integrity of a facade even more. In the closed position they differ nothing from deaf elements.
From the point of view of operational qualities: water resistance, heat conductivity, sound insulation, durability - the structural facade concedes nothing traditional for this type of objects to methods of glazing.