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Light transparent protecting designs

 Wide application of glasses has allowed to create new directions in architecture, to give to massive high-rise buildings ease and efficiency at simultaneous preservation of respectability and elegance.



 It is necessary to notice, that architects with enthusiasm have apprehended an innovation. There was enough considerable quantity of various systems of the light transparent designs. They allow to solve many architectural problems successfully.  Offered  light  transparent designs  in the domestic market can be classified approximately as follows: facades systems; roofs; windows and show-windows;  stained-glass windows, winter gardens, antiaircraft lanterns;  doors and entrance systems; protections of balconies and loggias; designs for installation of booths, cabins of posts protection, stops etc.

The glass facade represents difficult enough organism which "breathes", reacts to  cold and heat, "cries" at differences of temperatures and humidity change. That this organism was normally functioned, it is necessary not only to choose the optimum constructive scheme, but also to solve a number of technical problems. For example, to think over how will be provided the work of ventilated systems,  removal of the  smoke, a suppression fire, the sun  protection . It is necessary to develop a complex of the actions connected with maintenance service and repair of the light passing design. The neglect of any of the listed problems can lead to unpleasant consequences and to the increasing  of  working costs.  Applied light  transparent facades  systems in Ukraine  can be divided on a number of signs.
First of all, - on a material of which the bearing skeleton of facades  system is made: aluminium (most widespread), metal plastic, steel, wooden. The quantity of contours of glazing facades systems can be

unary and double.

The double or placed facades  are  called glazing systems. There are   available two contours of glazings . The first contour is usually unary glazing,  and the second one is a standard thermoisolated glazing.