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What is the ventilating facade?

The construction market in recent years, Ukraine is developing rapidly.
Growing volumes of construction, come on the market, new customers who are placing increasing demands on the quality of construction materials and technologies.
Individuality each project depends largely on the facade of the building design and the method of its embodiment.
Of course, every customer wants the facade of his building was beautiful and modern, spoke of the success of those who built it, who live in it, working, resting or doing shopping.
But the attractive appearance - far from the only requirement for a modern facade. And this is connected with the fact that the facade has played a huge role in the functioning of the entire building, largely determines the microclimate in the premises, may significantly affect the duration and cost of operating the facility.
In our view, it is ventilated facades meet the stringent requirements of the appliance facades to date.

- Hinged ventilated facade is a structure consisting of the following major components:
- Cladding (slabs / leafy material which, in addition to the functions of aesthetic elements function as a protective screen).
- Air gap (between organized panels and a layer of insulation).
- Layer insulation (for insulation installed between the exterior wall constructions and facings).
- Fastening systems. Depending on the material used facing different fastening systems.

It is ventilated air space defines the major operational benefits ventilated facades, as compared with traditional ways
execution of fencing designs.
Fastening systems consists of a bracket for attachment to the wall construction, and profile, bearing panels lining. Elements podoblitsovochnoy executed construction of aluminum, stainless steel or galvanized steel.
The layer insulation presented mineralovatnymi slabs of high-density, closed on the outside of the  gidroprotection membrane preventing wet and weathering heater.
Cladding panels for the facade presented in great variety: plates of ceramic granite, natural stone, Fiber - cement slabs, facing tapes of an aluminium composite material, aluminum and steel.

7 indisputable advantages hinged ventilated facades 

- Aluminum profiles simultaneously light and strong that not only facilitates the design and installation, but also allows implement solutions that are simply not available through other facing materials (primarily because of the greater weight of the panels) 
- they allow to give a splendid view of the building and implement the most daring and unexpected projects architects, thanks to a broad palette of colors finishing material and unrestricted shaping facades of composite materials type Alucobond, Alpolic, Reynobond 
- opportunity to give the old building an entirely different appearance, having spent disproportionately less money (compared to building a new facility) 
- subject to the production of aluminum technology profile and aluminium composite panel poddayutsya virtually no corrosion in salt fog (which is particularly important for Kiev and other cities); 
- to give the initial appearance of the building fairly simple washing panels that prolongs lifespan in front of 5-7 times; 
- podkonstruktsii mounting system allows ventilated facades when necessary, additional insulation of buildings; 
- Aluminium, used in systems hinged ventilated facades, is absolutely clean, does not pollute the environment and not harmful to your health, but nowadays it is an important fact.