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Using  fibroucement plates allows to reduce metal consumption of a design and to compensate curvature of bearing walls at the expense of application of a mobile arm. Plates can be painted in any colour or are covered by a crumb of  a natural stone. Fibroucement sheets are used as  a raw basis . The plate has high density, frost resistance and durability.




• Fibroucement plates are nonflammable, they do not ignite and do not extend fire, have good insulating properties, firmness to influence of microorganisms and chemical substances.

• Application of the fibroucement plates in designs of ventilated hinged facades allows at the expense of change of lathing thickness , to restore any geometry of a facade. To eliminate roughnesses  without preliminary preparation of a bearing wall surface.

• Absence of "wet processes» allows to conduct all-the-year-round installation and effective warming of buildings. So the  expenses for heating are reduced to 30 %.

• The term of operation of no repairing facades buildings increases.

• Shock-resistant fibroucement plate resists to ultra-violet and magnetic radiation. Frost resistance exceeds brick indicators that allows to maintain very low temperatures in 2-3 times.

• fibroucement plates are issued painted in various colours.

• Thanks to creation of hinged ventilated facades on a basis fibrous-cement plates traditional buildings will get modern fashion. And a variety of colours will underline their individuality.