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Ceramics-granite - is one of the most popular materials  in hinged systems now. It possesses excellent physical characteristics (mechanical durability, frost resistance, stability to excited environments, low weight of panels in comparison with the majority of other mineral materials), and thus has a wide palette of colouring. The colouring is important for designers and architects as it gives them  a great  freedom in choosing of various design decisions.


Big plus of  the ceramics-granite facades-is their indiscriminateness concerning preliminary preparation of main walls for furnish. If for painting, or for facing by a stone or the ceramics-granite «on a solution» is required enough thorough training of an external surface of walls in the same time hinged designs do not require it. Even on the contrary - they hide defects of a wall and frequently are more effective, and it's a cheap method of furnish, than painting that allows to reconstruct walls. Using ceramics-granite and a natural stone in furnish of buildings‘ walls - is one of the most  useful and a favorable side of the ceramics-granite hinged facades.
The matter is that at "wet" facing, «on a solution» there is a critical height of the revetted surface (it's depends on size of plates, breeds of a stone, variety of parametres of a main wall) above which packing becomes for a variety of causes simply unsafe. Fastening «on a solution» represents system in which each bottom element tests total pressure of elements being over it. At enough big height of facing the bottom numbers can start to "move down" under this pressure and as a result plates will not sustain pressure, and  will come off .The combined ankerno-glutinous fastening-is the correct decision for this situation. Thus it is necessary to provide necessarily steam isolation of main walls and a problem of compatibility of various materials (if the different stones, or additional materials are used).

Ceramics-granite hinged facedes systems allow to get rid of practically all these problems. . In them each facing element represents independent unit which does not influence almost the elements located lower. That's why, it is possible to use quite safely large plates, and at any height, and almost in any combinations.

Absence of "wet" processes does arrangement of hinged facades independent not only from the weather, but also from a season in general. Their installation can be made at any time of the year. And almost in any weather, except absolutely adverse when works become  dangerous.

One of the most important side is aesthetic. Wide choice of finishing materials promote various design decisions. Any project can be made unique from the aesthetic point of view. And, at last, one of the ceramics-granite hinged systems advantages is a long service life. At correct use they will serve not less than 25 years. The top limit depends only on durability of a   facing material. For a ceramic-granite, for example, operation term can be more than one hundred years. At purchase ceramics-granite, it is necessary to carry out a following rule: the quantity of ceramics-granite should exceed settlement quantity on 7 - 10 %. Correct packing ceramics-granite is made on carefully prepared basis of the future floor, namely, equal, strong, easy, without sand or other free particles which reduce adhesion. It is necessary, that the levelling cement coupler has well dried up (not less than 28 days). Packing ceramics-granite is made on glutinous structures or dry mixes for ceramics-granite. The surface for packing ceramics-granite, that is a floor is exposed to the big mechanical loadings, and also temperature damp fluctuations. That’s why the semi-fluid gluing solution only partially will close small roughnesses under a tile of a facing material. For elimination of the big defects of a surface, it is necessary to use levelling mixes. It is very important, that under a tile there were no emptiness. So for packing ceramics-granite will be correctly to use the mixes, which have a high gluing properties.
To rub clean seams it is possible to begin upon termination of packing ceramics-granite. Before the beginning of this procedure it is necessary to make sure in durabilities of the gluing solution, differently not fallen asleep glue superseded by a tile, simply will fill an intertiled backlash. Diligently chosen and correctly laid the ceramics-granite is a pledge of aesthetically attractive, reliable and durable floor.
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