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If the person meet «on clothes», a building-«on a facade». That is the impression in many respects depends on appearance of a facade of a building about your house. So the first impression has not appeared biassed or prejudiced, the facade of any building should be modern and beautiful. Modern technologies allow to construct facades of houses in very short terms.

Building and reconstruction of facades of buildings allows to solve with application of modern front systems effectively many problems connected with questions of operation of a building, its durability and ecology of internal premises.
   - to provide comfortable conditions for good work, rest and residing of people in internal premises;
   - to protect  designs from harmful influences of environment and, accordingly, to prolong a life to a building;
The modern front system is a compound design. It consists of various facades materials depending on appointment and a design of the building, the chosen architectural decision and wishes of the customer. The device of a hinged facade can be made both on new buildings, and at reconstruction of the existing. The majority of modern systems provides external warming of protecting designs that allows to improve a microclimate of internal premises radically.

There are two kinds of hinged systems:

•  ventilated facades;

•  transparent facades.

All ventilated front systems consist of a frame design, a heater (if necessary) and a filter. The major element of a design is the ventilated space arranged between a heater and a facing material of a facade.
In ventilated front system bearing designs work in perfect conditions - there is no direct influence of atmospheric factors, materials are not exposed to biological destructions. The wall constantly remains dry and warm as the hinged facade protects it from temperature fluctuations, and the water steams migrating from premises, leave through an air backlash, not being late in a thermal protection layer. In the summer the hinged facade works as the sun-protection screen, and the air backlash serves as the exhaust channel for an ascending stream with which the building is left by surpluses of heat.
As a skeleton of ventilated front system can serve directing of the zinced steel, aluminium or a tree.

The assortment of facing materials is various: металло a plastic siding, фибро cement panels (with a stone crumb and without it), composit aluminium panels, a ceramic granite, aluminium sheet, a natural stone etc.
Ventilated facades are convenient in installation and service. One of their basic advantages - all seasonal prevalence of work.